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Brameda - wholesale ecommerce internship



The company has had many sale channels where they used to sell their wholesale products through. What they have been finding problems were the integration between different platforms to automatically synchronize product data. They used to have a dedicated person to update different platforms with the newest information of their products.

In addition to that, they required business intelligence on their users based on interests and behaviour.

The majority of their sales channels were also e-commerce shops that took data from their main source - dedicated server.

Technical stack


The company has been deeply integrated with Python programming language and Django framework which I got familiar quite quickly to begin implementing the solutions that would solve their problems.

Mobile application

I've played around Ionic to make mobile application that would be used also as a separate information channel about the products that they sell.


I designed and programmed an in-house Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) system by which the company was able to better manage their products throughout the warehouses and understand their customers through data analysis.

With my developed application company had the benefit of reduction in time from 1 hour (yes ONE HOUR) to maximum of 10 minutes for uploading one product into the inventory. This includes automated transfer and synchronization of resources throughout external systems for product tracking, accountancy and supply chain management that's been integrated for better tracking for their supply chain management.

On top of that business intelligence part was also a nice experience to gain. I have used many available logs of what users to to distinguish what individual users are mostly looking for and programmed a nice user interface where business people could learn about their customer behaviours which would let them sell better.