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CGI - Business intelligence internship

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This comapny was the first huge corporation environment I worked with. They required a person to propose a solution that would take incredible large amounts of data by data mining, process the data using process mining algorithms and structures and display the findings in a well organized, human readable format. I have decided to take on the tasks analyzing the data from one of the biggest banks in Netherlands.

Tecnology stack

I had the freedom to choose technology stack for this project as the requirements received were towards business, rather technological.


User interface and user facing functionality, to upload and click through processes that were analyzed by process mining, were created using Angular 2.


Backend has been implemented with Python using Django for communication to the user interface build with Angular 2 & TypeScript.


I was translating clients wishes to technical requirements, designing and implementing the solution of process mining. I was working closely with largest banks of Netherlands (Rabobank, SNS) in order to help them identify bottlenecks of their processes.

After research on process mining and using algorithms to analyze the data, I was able to visualize the processes in a web browser to display the occuring bottlenecks and provide suggestions on what might be wrong within the process. Anyone with an access to a computer and/or phone could access the platform independently.

Specific bank employees were able to feed the application with data of banks processes and view a dashboard with an overview and animation of process flow. Users were also able to dig deeper into processes to see causes.

The project had plans to implement event signals within banks processes to acquire live data feed into the application in later stages.